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Nicole Kidman's Breast is Trying to Escape

I don't know if it's because Nicole Kidman's breast saw her face, but for some reason, it's trying to escape, and I can't quite blame it. Never before in my life have I seen a breast that looked so ready to just jump off, and make a break for freedom. Nicole Kidman's boob is so high up on her chest, it looks like it might actually strangle her.

Maybe it's embarrassed by all her botox, or maybe it just feels lonely, and want's to get closer to it's twin, but something is definitely going on here, and if Nicole Kidman isn't careful, she's gonna lose that thing. In fact, I think if she bends over any further, it's just going to fall right out.

And, no I'm not even going to get into the weirdnesses that are her armpits. Ew.

Lots more pictures of Nicole Kidman's breast trying to escape after the jump.
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