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Ishita Vyas of BETE becomes a sensation

Ishita Vyas, who is a model turned actress, will be seen in the movie BETE, which was recently launched last month. She is seen in the movie, which is being produced by Auditor Srinivas. Ishita acted in the TV serials like Jhansi Ki raani on Zee Tv and Shhh. Koi Hai on Star one channel.

Ishita Vyas was the face of commercials of kamadhenu cement and was seen in the music video of Altaf Raja. She worked in films like Peepli live, Raajneeti and now is playing lead in the movie BETE, which will be a female oriented film.

Actress ishita Vyas is said to have done a bikini photo shot, with which she is soon going to gain a movie with Darshan. So, be ready guys for the sensation of Ishita Vyas.

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