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Tamannah refuses lip lock and bikini

Tamil cinema beauty Tamannah Bhatia has denied any kind of lip lock scenes and bikinis sequences taking place, in her upcoming Telugu film projects. The actress has infact rubbished on the Telugu cinema media and said that she is not demanding Rs 1.25 crores for doing bikini acts and lip lock scenes.


After the Tamil movie “ Vyapari” which was too sleazy, Tamanna has decided never to act in bold scenes as she thinks that her future may fall in jeopardy. The actress has also denied rumors going around that, she is ready to do anything, when paid heavily. The actress has added that, she always signs a film, when the producer is accepting her first rule, that she will be away from bikini and lip lock scenes.

However, the Telugu media is reporting a different fact about Tamanna. The promotional stills of her films like 100% love, badrinath suggest that Tamanna has acted a bit more than usual in the movie and her sizzling and sleazy skin show, is making her Telugu fans delighted.


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