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Salman gets love proposal from Hazel

Bollywood star Salman khan is well known for his bada dil in the bollywood. He welcomes all the new comers from the female brigade and guides them and offers them support, till they achieve stardom. Stars like Katrina Kaif, Aishwarya Rai, Sonakshi Sinha Asin thottumkal were all flowering plants, when they met sallu bhai and became the top actresses of the Hindi cinema industry, after befriending him.


Now, the same is the case with another female beauty Hazel, who is playing the supporting female cast in the movie ‘Bodyguard’ of Salman khan. The actress is said to be getting too close to Salman khan after he introduced her to his family members. Recently, when Salman khan went to drop Hazel, she took the opportunity and is said to have put forward her love proposal in front of him.

The British model and foreign import is said to be interested in marrying Salman khan and also cleared his mind that she is not doing it to attain stardom. Moreover, the actress has assured him that she will leave the film industry and modeling and will take up a homemaker role.

But Salman khan is said to be still in a surprised state, with the latest happening and is yet to react.


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