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Poonam Bhajwa glam doll avatar in ‘Ethri En 3’

Poonam Bhajwa, who has an avocado complexion is soon going to surprise the Tamil cinema audiences, with her glam avatar. This homely beauty was last seen in ‘Thambikottai’ and will be bouncing back with the movie “Ethri En 3”.



Actress Poonam bhajwa has worked out on her body, from the past couple of months and is back in a sizzling way. Except for the height, Poonam bhajwa is looking exactly like bollywood beauty and she has toned her jaw line, in order to fit into the seductive girl avatar.


Actress Poonam bhajwa will be pairing with actor Srikanth in the movie and her new glam avatar is said to be a highlight in the film. “Ethri En 3” will be directed by Ramkumar and will be a thriller based subject.


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