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Tarun's Marriage Proposal For Sex Bomb

It is often mentioned by few cine folks that the life story of actor Tarun can be made as a film. Given his rise to glory as the lover boy followed by his link up gossips and his current career status, it makes for an interesting script, they add. Meanwhile, Tarun seems to have made headlines for yet another reason.


Sources reveal that he has proposed marriage to a sex bomb. She is none other than Vimala Raman, his leading lady in the new movie ‘Chukkalanti Ammayi Chakkanaina Abbai’. Buzz is that Tarun is smitten by the irresistible sex appeal of Vimala and is besotted with her, hence the proposal.

However, a unit member revealed that she is negating the proposal as she prefers someone in limelight and huge success. Already, Tarun made lot of headlines during the Aarthi Agarwal episode and the cine seniors are advising he should focus on the scripts of his movies than the opposite sex.


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