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Kushboo was forced to resign after Tamilnadu elections


Actress Kushboo, who joined DMK part and campaigned for it through out Tamilnadu, has resigned to her post of Chinna Thiraio Producers council president. The actress has resigned to her party, after the assembly elections pool results were released on Friday.



Kushboo is busy with her TV serial commitments and is also busy with some movie roles as well. She was a brave and fiery woman and defended DMK government of Karunandihi, on television, when the government was held as the main culprit in 2G scam.

Actress Kushboo made up her mind, to continue in the DMK party, after the defeat. But sources report that some of the party members, which include a cabinet minister, were against her presence in DMK. They alleged that the actress bonding with DMK, paved way for the debacle of DMK party, in constituencies, where it was considered to be strong initially. They also add that DMK lost a major portion of constituencies, in areas where kushboo has campaigned, which is untrue. Except for the karunanidhi family members, none of DMK party leaders were happy with the association of kushboo with DMK. They feel that her support to Premarital S@X has done the damage for their party in the elections. So, in this way psychologically, actress kushboo was hurt by these allegations against her and choose to resign.

But factually speaking, Tamilnadu populace were vexed up with Karunanidhi’s government and scams and so opted for a change with Jayalalitha taking the state reigns as the chief minister.


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