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Rakshita heading for divorce

Actress Rakshita, the big bosomed beauty of sandalwood is heading for divorce. The matter is almost official as she is going to file for her divorce papers in a civil court in Karnataka state on Wednesday (May 18th,2011).

Actress rakshita married to director prem in 2007 and is now a producer of the film ‘Jogayya’. She is also mother of a child. The movie Jogayya featured Mumbai based actress and model Sumit Kaur atwal in lead, opposite to actor shivraj Kumar.

According to the unit sources of ‘Jogayya’ the actress Sumit Kaur and director Prem have become very close to each other from this year. There are reports that the couple has also got intimate and Sumit Kaur is said to be expecting a baby from prem.

These rumors became facts and the petty quarrels in between rakshita and her husband Prem became enormous and are now leading to divorce. Actress rakshita started to suspect her husband from February 2011 and hired a detective to get a syndicate proof on the affair. The detective fetched her some photos and video proof and has also surprised her with the report that Sumit Kaur was expecting and the baby was of prem.

However, actress Rakshita and her husband prem were not interested in interacting with the media and avoided it by all means. So, a proper clarification is required as both the persons were not reachable.


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