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Anushka says shut up to Ranveer for Deepika Padukone

Actress Anushka, who is dating her ‘Band Baaja Baarat’ co-star Ranveer Singh, became so irritated with her boyfriend, that she said him to shut his mouth. The actress was clear in her voice and loud and this surprised her friends a lot. Normally Anushka is very patient and is always calm and quite. But it was ranveer Singh’s remarks on Deepika, which made her to say so.



Actor Ranbir Kapoor hosted a lavish party in his palatial bungalow last week and ranveer and Anushka were present at the party. Ranveer asked Ranbir to play ‘Dum maaro Dumm’ remix of Dippi and he took the opportunity of pulling the leg of RK. He said that the song lyrics ‘ Bol khichega Ki Nayi’ were intended to Ranbir Kapoor and this heated the atmosphere. The whole friends group was silent when Ranveer Kapoor in an inebriated condition revealed so.


On this occasion, RK looked at Anushka and she immediately reacted with a ‘Shut up’. She asked ranveer to leave RK alone and took Ranveer Singh from the party scene.


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