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Hero Daughter 'Live in Relation'

Though India has become modern and today generation don’t really care much for tradition when it comes to relationships, there is still a line to cross when it comes to live-in relationships. Hence, it is not often that one gets to see such couple amidst the regular neighborhoods.

However, the total dictionary changes when it comes to the film industry. Affairs, relationships, live-ins is very common. And this time, even the family of a top league superstar is no exception. We are talking about Kamal Haasan and right now, it is heard that he is silent on the news about his daughter Shruti Haasan ‘live in’ relation with her boyfriend Siddarth.

A senior actor who is close to Kamal revealed “Kamal is silent because he also did same with Gautami shunning his actual wife Sarika. Though he might be feeling bad but he doesn’t have the right to question. As a father, he can only hope that the relationship between Shruti and Sidd remains strong and successful.”


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