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Sameera Reddy creates unnecessary chaos

Sizzling beauty sameera reddy has created unnecessary chaos, in order to stay in the news headlines. The actress traveled in a train and was mobbed by her fans in a railway station of Tambaram. The railway station became a paradise for road side Romeos and unnecessary trouble makers, due to the arrival of Sameera reddy and actor Arya.


It is reported that Sameera reddy wanted actor Arya to accompany her on a train journey. The innocent actor obliged her and the two stars got into a train from Karaikudi to Chennai and got down at Tambaram. This created a disturbance and soon the station was mobbed by males, who wanted to touch sameera at any cost. Somehow, with the help of Arya and his friend and driver, she got arya’s car and drove off. But the public over there had to born inconvenience with this issue.

It is a fact that, these days, actresses are taking the help of cheap tricks like “No panty acts” and attending public events without security. Some are resorting to these types of acts, of getting mobbed and hitting the headlines. But the point is that, these beauties must not create inconvenience to public and must think for publicity stunts, which only peg them to air and not create inconvenience to others.


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