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Actress Bhanu wants “Fashion”


Actress Bhanu, who is originally named as Muktha George is all set to be seen in the Tamil project ‘ Sattapadi Kuttram”. The actress is a malluwood import and was seen in the movie ‘ Thamitrabharani’ in Tamil, opposite to Vishal. Now, she is going to the movie ‘ Sattapadi Kuttram’ which is being directed by SA Chandrasekhar.

While doing the above said Tamil movie, Muktha’s career was hit by rumors that she is going to marry, one of her friends. But factually the starlet was just 14 years and was pursuing 9th class education and this made her family quit her films.

Now, actress Bhanu is matured enough and is doing a special role in the movie “Ponnar Shanker’ the actress wants to stabilize her acting career, by committing to projects. At the same time, she wants meaty and performance oriented roles and does not want any kind of glam doll roles. She feels eligible for characters such as Priyanka chopra did in the bollywood movie “fashion” and is aiming for national awards.


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