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Ileana opposite to Simbhu for Tamil “Dabangg”


Tamil young star Silambarasan tried desperately, to rope in bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor in his film. But his work of trapping her, did not work as she is a much more intellectual lady, when it comes in selecting her acting career projects. According to sources, Sonam Kapoor took almost 7 days enquire about the background of actor Silambarasan.

As usual, her Chennai friends told everything negative about Simbhu and so she excused herself from the project, by saying that she was too busy. So, Simbhu started to trap the south Indian beauties like Anushka and Ileana. He was desperate for Ileana and is said to have offered her a big pay package.

Since, Simbhu has acted with Anushka in his upcoming ‘Vaanam’, he was eyeing Ileana. He offered a package of Rs 1.5 crores flat for Ileana and so the girl is being lured with more options, in on order to give a green signal to his Tamil ‘Dabanngg’. Well coming to the director part, Simbhu has opted for director Dharani.

Since, Dharani has shelved his Telugu project with Telugu star Ram Charan., he is inclined in start off this project ASAP. Once the final crew and cast is finalized, an official announcement will be made soon.


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