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Ram Gopal Varma makes actor Surya as ‘Ajmal Kasab’

Indian film maker ram Gopal Varma is all set to make a movie on the Mumbai 26/11 attacks. The never- say – die director has put the debacle of his ‘ Raktha Charitra 2” aside and has started to pen the script on his next project. There is news that the movie will revolve around ajmal kasab and the role is said to be played by his favorite Tamil star Surya.

It is reported that, 4 big characters are waiting to be selected and the line up is for ajay devgan, bobby deol, Akshay Kumar and of course the encounter specialist will be Amitabh Bachchan.

But sources say that, after RGV’s AAG, bachchan family will stay away from Ram Gopal Varma and his film making and so Amitabh may not take the place in the script. But Ram Gopal Varma is making his script gripping, with a place for his Amitabh sir as well.

Actor Surya has been given an update from RGV that he has to make his body bulkier and will have to allot 20 days for the movie, in March 2011.

Sexy Calls For This Erotic Lady

It has become a very common thing to see hordes of lovely beauties entering the Telugu film industry and making their mark. In a way, our movie makers are so immune to this overflowing beauty that they are now looking at foreign girls just to bring a variety.

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Innovative Pose For Sexy Dose

The bikini goddess has decided to show some mercy. She is Sherlyn Chopra better known as Mona Chopra here. While she has started putting on clothes, she has also induced creativity in giving a kick to men. Here she is, posing seductively on what looks like a wooden arch. While Sherlyn’s slender body caresses the piece, her soft silky skin is shining with temptation and her flat midriff, her curvy butt, her tempting thighs provide a grand visual feast. Now that she is in the mood, enjoy it to the fullest folks!!

Buxom Beauty’s Voluptuous Cleavage And Navel

She is known as the hot seductress of Sandalwood and is admired for her generous sex appeal and oomph factor. She is none other than Pooja Gandhi and though her name sounds serene, there is a lot of wilderness inside this bombshell. Here she is, draped in a seductive blue outfit which is finding it hard to carry her fulfilling assets. The slit on the midriff shows her coin shaped navel and Pooja oozes her confidence with this striking pose. Those who see this are not hesitating to do pooja to this Pooja.

KO makes Piaa Bajpai hot and happening

South Indian beauty Piaa Bajpai is delighted with the way her career is shaping out. The actress will be seen as hot and happening working women in the movie KO, which is being directed by KV Anand. The movie features actor Jiiva in lead and has actress Karthika as one of the female lead.

Piaa Bhajpai is confident that her new avatar in a glamorous avatar will appeal to all section of audiences. She has specially thanked the script writer’s bala and Suresh, for penning such an interesting and happening character and thanked the director for roping her into the project.

Item Girl's Desire

Kousha is the girl who came on to Telugu screen with ample desires to emerge as a heroine. But she didn’t get proper opportunities. She has been in utter disappointment with that. At last she decided to shine at least as item dancer. But she is not getting even those chances.

Freshly she danced in an item number in the film 'Alasyam Amrutham' of D Ramanaidu. She is still hanging with Tollywood assuming that luck favors her one time or other.

When asked if she restricted herself to item songs, she said, "What can I do? The film industry is offering me only such roles. Although I acted in many films, nothing helped my career. At least, I wish that I will be considered for these item roles".

Let us wish Kousha's wish will be fulfilled.

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Anushka's Killer Cleavage

We are not talking about our awesome beauty Anushka but the girl we are mentioning is the Bollywood beauty Anushka Sharma who is relatively a new bird. Though she had a dream debut by pairing up with Shahrukh Khan in ‘Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi’ not much attention was given to her.

This got Anushka to go for the daring act of sporting a bikini and flaunt her curves right in her second film ‘Badmaash Company’. However, even that has gone in vain. Now, she is all set to arrive with her third movie ‘Band Baaja Baraat’. Interestingly, all the three films were made under the prestigious Yashraj banner.

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