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Lady In Saree With Sexy Curve

Kausha in Saree_5

She is the hot item bomb Kausha who is known for scorching the screens through her moves and spicy songs. This time, Kausha looks rather sensuous. Sporting a tempting saree, Kousha poses in a sensuous manner giving an ample view of the sexy curve of her hip. While her hand rests on that beautiful area, Kausha is having a slight naughty smile as if she knows how her curve can cause a tsunami in the hearts of men. Enjoy her folks!!

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Sensational Saree Beauty

'Sen'sational Saree Beauty

This is Riya Sen, the heart throb of millions of her fans. She generally poses with skimpy costumes but this time she posed this way as an angle in green saree. This is indeed ‘sen’sational. See and enjoy guys!


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Miranda Kerr – Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Treasure Bra Photoshoot

Here’s hot little mama and sometimes supermodel, Miranda Kerr, showing off the new $2.5 million dollar Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Treasure Bra… which basically means that we’re all gawking at and drooling over her drop dead sexy ultra plump new mom cleavage… sweet Christmas! All I can say is that I seriously can’t wait until the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on Tuesday, November 29th on CBS to see that bra in action… and to see Miranda Kerr bouncing around and in shwingtastic motion. Enjoy!

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